Drone Field Services
Pipeline ROW Patrol
Large Area Mapping
Digital Visualization

Field Services

  • Pipeline Right-of-Way Inspections

    DataWing was born from an innovative idea to use drones for right-of-way (ROW) patrol and response. Being aircraft agnostic, DataWing realized that manned aircraft were still the most cost-efficient and effective tool for this task.

    • Operationally qualified pilots
    • Sophisticated cameras
    • Advanced post-processing
    • Digital reports
    • Geo-located encroachments
    • Map creation exportable to esri and other formats
  • Mapping

    DataWing uses both manned and unmanned imagery in advanced photogrammetry-based process to produce high-quality maps exportable to commonly used GIS software. Our aircraft-agnostic mindset allows us to capture mapping data at a wide range of altitudes and cover any size parcel of land.

    • Digital re-creation of all assets with labeling
    • Interactive 3D models and “street-view” interaction
    • High resolution photo ortho-mosaics from 2-5cm GSD
    • Topography and digital terrain maps
    • Services anywhere in US
  • Asset Management & Digitzation

    DataWing works closely with sister companies, which are all oil and gas affiliated, enough to understand the necessity to monitor and track all assets on a given site. Better data fuels better decisions for both site leadership and executive leadership in the oil and gas space.

    • Be virtually on site without having to physically travel there
    • Spatially accurate interactive map
    • Integrate as-builts, contours, etc
    • Accurate measurements
    • Organized storage of documentation
    • Esri compatible; integrate easily with existing systems
  • Survey & Construction

    DataWing uses photogrammetry techniques to create maps and models of all kinds. Harnessing years of experience, DataWing’s perfected techniques produce highly accurate data that is perfect for all phases of new capital projects or repairs.

    • Enhanced route development
    • Shortened survey deliverable turn-around time
    • Facility and as-built models and digitization
    • Reduced boots-on-the-ground time
    • Land use negotiation support
    • Environmental monitoring
    • One data set used by:
      • Surveyors
      • Landmen
      • Project Engineers
      • Environmental
      • Executives
  • Gas Detection

    Meet the DataWing OGI sUAS, designed for stability and reliability down to the core. Powered by a proprietary camera operating system, DataWing enables the user to take full advantage of the mighty FLIR G300a capabilities. Call DataWing to set up your OGI sUAS service today!

    • Pinpoint hydrocarbon and volatile organic compound releases
    • Works in high interference environments
    • Long distance capable
    • Integrates with LDAR program
    • Increased inspection efficiency 
    • Greater leak detection capability
  • Inspection and Maintenance

    DataWing uses aerial data to achieve heights normally only viewed with ropes, scaffolding, ladders, and cranes. DataWing’s experienced team and state-of-the-art technology reduce unnecessary human risk and save millions of dollars. DataWing’s techniques save money by freeing inspectors to do more with their time.

    • Pipeline integrity management
    • Geohazard analysis
    • Flood analysis
    • Flare tip inspections
    • Secondary seal inspections
    • Containment volume calculations 
    • Wetland and vegetation monitoring
  • Pipeline Right-of-Way Inspections

  • Mapping

  • Asset Management & Digitzation

  • Survey & Construction

  • Gas Detection

  • Inspection and Maintenance