The Future of Drone Pilot Jobs

Drone Pilot Jobs:

As the drone industry continues to explode, so does the need for skilled UAS pilots. A UAS, or most commonly known as a drone, is an Unmanned Aerial System that is controlled from the ground. As more companies begin integrating this technology into their everyday processes and procedures we’re starting to see just how much potential there is for drones and commercial operators alike.

The drone industry is on fire. While drones have been around for many, many years, they are just now starting to move out of their infancy state and become truly integrated into the everyday operations of countless companies in a vast array of industries such as oil & gas, insurance, construction, emergency response, etc. The opportunities are endless and with that, the need for people to fill drone pilot jobs is great.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the drone community, here’s a little of bit of what’s gone on just in the past year. The drone operators within our own network were able to assist the insurance companies by completing home inspections in the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We also worked with telecom companies and completed cell tower inspections in the months after the hurricanes.

Following the devastating wildfires in California, our team responded quickly as we worked to capture imagery for 60,500 acres of affected land and property. The collected data was sent back to our offices and by the next day our engineers were able to turn the raw images into orthomosaics. Insurance companies can then use this data to complete claims quicker so people can start rebuilding their lives.

In the wake of the disastrous effects of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is currently experiencing the longest power outage in its history. Responders are using drone technology to help locate power lines and restore power, especially among more rural areas that are difficult, and even dangerous, for humans to access.

Across the country in central Washington, commercial drones are being used to remove ice and snow from wind turbines and keep them operating at capacity, a job that would be dangerous for a person to do, especially in unfavorable winter conditions.

And this is just a few examples. Everywhere, drones are being used to streamline processes, save time and replace humans in doing more dangerous jobs.   

So what about us? DataWing Global is a global drone data collection company. While we are based out of San Antonio, Texas, we operate on an international scale with a vast network of skilled drone pilots. By creating and facilitating a culture of communication, responsibility and compliance, we’re able to partner with the best of the best thus providing our clients with top-notch services that meet their needs quickly and efficiently.

Drone Pilot License:

At DataWing Global, we’re always looking for operators with a drone pilot license such as the Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification to join our network as we continue to grow and expand in the drone technology space. We’re only beginning to get a glimpse of the power of drone technology and the impact it can have on our world.

If you’re as excited for the future of the industry as we are, we’d love to talk with you! You can visit the Join Our Network page on our website to apply. You may also visit our Commercial Drone Pilot Jobs page as well.