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DataWing Prepares its Drone Inspection Process as the 2018 Storm Season Approaches

In light of the 2018 storm season, which is quickly approaching, DataWing Global is gearing up their operations to complete drone inspection for major insurance companies starting in March and continuing throughout the end of this year. Although major storms are more frequent for only a season, the pattern in which homeowners file claims spikes immediately following a major storm and then evens out for a continual flow over the course of 12 months.

Drone Roof Inspection:

Insurance companies rely heavily on these companies for drone roof inspection and data analysis. Drone inspection companies are absolutely vital to the everyday operations of the insurance industry and beyond as these companies work to collect data faster and safer. Even more so, DataWing stands out among the masses of drone data collection companies with their heavy focus on compliance, as well as culture.

Based out of San Antonio, but with a global team of UAV pilots, DataWing Global has created a top notch culture that encourages constant learning and growth for employees and contractors alike. Before pilots are assigned to a specific job, DataWing works with them to make sure they are equipped with the appropriate techniques for completing jobs efficiently as well as serving their vast portfolio of clients well.   DataWing is committed to always operating safely and within airspace compliance.

They consider relationships to be an important asset, so communication with both employees and network pilots is paramount to keeping everything running smoothly. They know that if their team is treated well, their clients will be treated well.

DataWing’s process for accepting and scheduling jobs is streamlined. Prior to the onset of storm season, they carefully plan out and prepare their response measures. Before anything, DataWing requests availability from their pilot network so when jobs come in (which is daily) they can be assigned to available pilots. Airspace is checked using SmartSky, which is their Drone Operation & Data Management Software, prior to a job being dispatched. Once airspace is clear, the SmartSky system automatically sends job to available pilots via the mobile app. For insurance clients, they receive a predetermined time that the homeowner provides and then fly the job within that time frame.  

Throughout this entire process communication is constantly managed between the in-house DataWing team and the pilot in the field to ensure there are no gaps in communication. If something comes up and a pilot backs out at the last minute, this system helps them to stay on top of it and find a replacement as quickly as possible. Once the job is flown and data is collected it is sent back to be reviewed by DataWing’s team of analysts where it is processed and sent to the client, all within a 24 hour period.

The DataWing team prides themselves on producing fast, efficient and accurate results. Their immediate response to insurance claims helps the insurance companies deal with claims quicker and more efficiently as well as helping homeowners get their lives back together, faster.

In order to adequately prepare for upcoming storm seasons, the DataWing team meets regularly to find new and better ways to improve their response procedure, as well as meet with their insurance partners to engage them in the process (by using drone map strategies for example). This ensures a smooth, more efficient process for everyone involved.

They love that they get to help in making a difference and look forward to all the new and exciting projects that await them in the future!