DataWing Acquired

We’re excited to announce that DataWing Global (DWG) has been acquired by B3Bar Holdings (owner of Air Data Solutions, WORK Technologies, TMI Solutions, VOLT, UAV Recon and the WORK Platform). 

DWG will become part of Air Data Solutions (ADS). Combining DWG’s aerial data collection, processing and visualization tools with the ADS’s established presence in the space will truly enhance the overall suite of technology-based service offerings supporting energy, infrastructure, and utilities for public and government entities.

“The key to our success has always been our team, “says Steven Fargo, EVP of DataWing Global. “Teamwork, camaraderie, highly skilled engineers, technicians and pilots- all working towards the goal of end-to-end aerial data solutions tailored to our client’s needs. We’ve found a very similar culture at ADS. We’ve gone from competitors to partners and our people have seamlessly meshed in a very short time.”

“Our respective companies experienced significant growth and success over the past few years. By sharing our expertise, the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Merging with ADS and working with WORK Technologies has allowed us to leverage a tremendous amount of industry experience, resources, and capital. We will be able to reach further into market verticals and offer additional value to current and future clients.”

DataWing Global would like to thank our clients and partners who have been instrumental to our growth and success.

We will continue to serve you at the highest level as part of ADS. 

CONTACT- Steven Fargo, PH- 623.203.6804