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Have a FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification, a legal business name and a Phantom 4 or newer? Join our nationwide network of preferred drone service providers to capitalize on our nationwide contracts.

* 1. Contact Information

Address Group

* 2. Do you have a current FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate?

Remote Pilot

* 3. What aircraft do you currently operate? (Multiple or all answers could be selected)

are you authorized to operate

* 4. Do you have Aviation and General liability insurance?

Aviation and General liability insurance

* 5. Do you have your own company?

Do you have your own company?

* 6. What sensors do you have?

What sensors do you have?

* 7. What is the closest major airport to your company / home location? (example: SAT, HOU, ATL)

* 8. Do you have any training below

Step 8 Radio

* 9. How many FAA certified pilots (current Remote Pilot Certificate or better) do you have eligible to operate aircraft

Step 9 Radio

* 10. Are you able to travel to other locations besides home base?

Step 10 Radio

* 11. How many days during the week are you available to fly?

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