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Field Services

  • Property and Casualty

    Insurance property and casualty executives regularly face a number of major challenges, including how to continue to introduce innovation into their business processes, and how to take advantage of new technology. With the rising use of artificial intelligence, drones, Internet of Things, and increasing software developments, the struggle to maintain an innovative edge can be a daunting task. DataWing Global can now provide the answers to these challenges. DataWing’s services increase precision, accuracy, and speed of property data acquisition resulting in faster claims. 

  • Underwriting and Risk Management

    Insurance companies survey locations that are in good condition so that when they underwrite a policy for that location, they have an idea of which policy will work best for the site. Through DataWing’s expertise, these companies can receive reliable documentation, via drone, that the property is in good working order so that they can accurately asses value and risk. Often, this type of data is used by insurance companies for larger projects such as universities, apartment complexes, or distribution centers in preparation for catastrophic events or policy enforcement.

  • Property and casualty

    Property and Casualty

  • underwriting and risk management

    Underwriting and Risk Management