• Field
    Manned and Unmanned Missions of all types.
  • Service
    Basic Data and Storage
  • Support
    Holistic Program Management



Manned and Unmanned Missions of all types.
  • 100% surveillance coverage; auto detect leaks, encroachments
  • Rapidly inspect multiple assets
  • Collect a variety of data points
  • Decrease personnel safety risk
  • Saves millions in shut down costs



Basic Data and Storage
  • Data Analytics and Storage
    Maps, point clouds
  • Flight management & analytics
    Asset Tracker
    Pilot Behavior Analysis
    Preventative Maintenance
    Data Consolidation
  • Advanced Products
    Visual Recognition
    Object Identification
    Anomaly Detection
    Measurement Tools



Holistic Program Management
  • Training
    Part 107 classroom instruction Practical “hands on” training
  • Consulting
    FAA Regulation Support
    Equipment vetting
    Operational Planning
    Risk Analysis
  • Asset Management
    Change Management
    Flight Testing
  • Documentation
    Checklists Operations Manuals
    Safety Management Systems

Field Services

  • Cell Tower Inspections

    DataWing uses drones to conduct routine inspections of cellular communication towers.  We can provide geospatial maps and video of such wireless  infrastructure to help comply with regulatory and environmental inspection requirements. Towers need to be inspected on a regular basis to avoid expensive repairs and catastrophic events. Through DataWings HD pictography you will have a visual of every face and angle of the structure helping you to safely ascertain flaws, defects and any infractions. DataWing can record and provide a live video transmission of the tower inspection in high definition video so you can view the structure from a desktop anywhere in the world. The data can be delivered directly to you, or stored in the cloud and can be accessed immediately or at any time in the future.


  • Close-Out Packages

    DataWing’s team has over 30 years of Telecom experience, including key experience in requirements for Close Out Packages. DataWing is pioneering ways to meet this need quicker and cheaper through the use of drone aircraft.


  • Regulatory and Environmental

    DataWing drones can be utilized to determine lighting infractions and active nesting of endangered species. Our drones are able to capture this imagery in a timely, efficient and discrete manner. 


  • Mapping, Measurement and Geospatial Data

    Current UAV (drone) technology allows for the capture of digital aerial imagery over both large and small areas, which can then be transformed into 2D orthomosaics (maps) and 3D models.

  • Frequency Output Readings

    DataWing has the ability to attach a host of different sensors, based on client’s needs, to take various frequency measurements off of the tower.

  • Antenna Measurements

    DataWing uses sophisticated modeling to take accurate measurements of antennae and other facets of telecom infrastructure.

  • Damage Assessment

    DataWing drones fly high above the ground to take full-scope pictures of items that may have been damaged or broken during storms or disasters. These pictures are sent back to headquarters for further assessment.

  • cell tower inspections

    Cell Tower Inspections

  • close-out packages

    Close-Out Packages

  • regulatory and enviromental

    Regulatory and Environmental

  • mapping, measurement and geospatial data

    Mapping, Measurement and Geospatial Data

  • frequency output readings

    Frequency Output Readings

  • Antenna Measurements

    Antenna Measurements

  • Damage Assessment

    Damage Assessment